Logo Animation & Logo Motion Design – Adobe After Effects


  • No previous knowledge of Adobe After Effects or any other software


 In this after effects Logo Animation & Logo Motion course i will teach you how to create logo animation from 0 to 100, even if you are a new user of after effects.

– We have chosen a project based tutorial to show you what these logo animation’s will give you in a real projects. The best part about a course like this is that you won’t waste time learning tools and functions inside of After Effects that you will never use. Most courses will tell you about every little part of the program, which is daunting to most people.

 In each course I talked about even simplest tricks and tips that might be useful for you. I spend a lot of time to have an investigation through all the available tutorials and try to coves all the missing points in them. I also focused on all the useful shortcuts and explained them to you one by one as I like to show you the tips of how to present yourself as an advance professional expertise.

 This course is for those who want to learn making Logo Animations in After effects.


-After effects software (any version) (You can use a 30-day free trial)

-No previous knowledge of Adobe After Effects or any other software

Get a Certificate of Completion when you finish the course!

With our 30-Day 100% money back guarantee, there’s no reason hesitate! ENROLL NOW

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in making Logo animations
  • Video Editors, Youtubers, Video makers
  • After effects users, beginner, intermediate or have no previous knowledge

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